lunes, 19 de mayo de 2014


Today I decided to write in English because I saw that people from different countries are visiting my blog.

This blog talks about me. My feelings, my nightmares, my fears and all emotions that I feel every day. When I want to throw away something that's hurting I use to write as a way to relax myself.
Today I want to talk about people fears. About where I think they come. It's difficult to put all people in the same theory but I think it's true in lots of cases.

People always have fears about future.
If I never found my love? If I couldn't finish my degree? If I lose my home? If my dreams never become true? If I have to live alone? How can I pay that?

All that questions are not true now. NOW. Because all of them are in our minds. They are not true because we never know if they will become true. We pass all day thinking about things that probably never had to happen. It sounds stupid really?

I realized that is easier to live when you are just looking the thing you are doing Now. Now I'm writing. I'm thinking what are the best words that represent my feelings. I'm thinking just how to write this post better.

Also is important to look around us. Look the moment it's happening now. The people in the street  walking next to us, the man reading the newspaper, or the old woman who's catching the bus. All that things are important although you think they are not.

If the boy or the girl of your live is walking next to you and you can't see he/she?  You can't see because you are thinking:  If I never found my love? Please stay in the present!!
 I want to say everyone that's important to turn around and see the world. Close the movile, whatsapp, facebook and others and become more social in the real live. Say hello to people, help the old  woman crossing the street, smile to the waiter and all things that nowadays are disappearing.

Loneliness. That's why I'm talking about fears. Loneliness is the big important fear that have every day more people. Stress, exams, work, family, social networks  all of that are inducing  loneliness because they are not in the present. They are not in the real live.  We are losing real contact, a hug, a kiss, a beautiful conversation, the smell of the flowers, birds singing, the sound of the water when It's raining...

Please I send this message for all people in the world. See around, help others,  smile everywhere you go.

Smile always


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